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The Masterclass Sessions Global Online Events

Why The Masterclass Sessions

WHY The Masterclass Sessions

Do You Want To develop Your Business, Make more profit, Make your business simpler, or Be a better Business Owners or Staff member?

The Masterclass Sessions are exactly what all businesses need in the world today.

Too many businessowners believe they know everything they need to build, grow, make more money, have an easier life etc.

But guess what?   THEY DONT.

One of the most important skillsets that not only Business Owners should be doing but also if they have any staff is that Continuous Learning is the KEY TO SUCCESS.


The Masterclass Sessions continues to be the best and most informative event I attend. Each month I'm privileged to listen to some of the UK's - and World's - best business minds as they share their experience, thoughts, and practical tips which can have a resoundingly positive and lasting effect on the audience. I know this to be true as I'm one of the many who leave the event full of ideas on how to implement the great advice I've just heard. I would highly recommend coming to a Masterclass Session - network with other business owners, take away great information and unlock your potential.

The Masterclass Sessions cover all parts of business, processes, topics, discussions and experience on how to make your business better and easier to make more profit…

Ethical Masterclass Sessions to Help You.

Online Masterclass Sessions Courses.

Here at Masterclass Sessions, we understand the importance of gaining the right knowledge so that you and your business can grow. Our system gives you access to invaluable information, mentorship and training that larger corporations pay a small fortune to have, and all this for less than a cup of coffee per day!

So, why would you need masterclass sessions?

Business, as well as life is a learning curve, and what better way to learn, than through people who have already experienced challenges and obstacles, met failures but have ultimately succeeded, this is very much like the adage of following someone’s footsteps through a minefield. And we believe that you don’t have to pay through the nose for the privilege, because of our collaboration and membership we can bring these to you at a fraction of what it would normally cost. We have arranged monthly successful speakers and mentors each month throughout 2020 – 2022 for our members to join live or to listen to the recordings.

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Our Vision

Every Business Owner deserves to have access to all the experience, content, processes and advice that is available at a price all can afford – Not just the chosen few.

We are searching and bringing the best of the best of their industry to deliver Masterclass Sessions that would normally cost thousands of pounds.

We have members currently in 23 countries but are stiving to have members from every country globally.

We also know that time is important to all and have given the option to our members that they can watch the recordings in their own time and also not just once…

They can watch them time and time again, learning something different each time they watch one of the session and extract the Golden Nuggets for what they require and take action.



To create an continuous resource with LIVE content, Recordings, Courses, Offers and Support for all business owners GLOBALLY 

our history
From Glasgow Masterclass to The Masterclass Sessions
Mar 2018

The First Masterclass Session with Andy Bounds – Glasgow Masterclass at the Radisson Blu – Sold Out in 2 days – Initially a ONE OFF event

Nov 2018

The Second Masterclass Session with Phil Berg – Due to the demand the venue had to be changed from Marriot Hotel to The National Stadium Hampden Park

Nov 2018

The Masterclass Sessions in partnership with 10x Business Bootcamp with Grant Cardone UK Tour

Apr 2019

After the success of the first Masterclass Session – we had to have Andy Bounds return to deliver the content from his best selling book – Top Dog – yet another sell out at the Alea Casino Resort

May 2019

The Masterclass Sessions in partnership with Jordan Belfort UK Tour

Oct 2019

The Fourth Masterclass Session with Chris Hughes – So much feedback from the attendees on how the content really made them look at not only their business but at themselves and could make small effective actions and changes that day to help them in their business and in their life’s.

Dec 2019

Preparation for the next level for The Masterclass Sessions – Glasgow and Edinburgh booked for April 2020 with James Sinclair and development for an 8 City Tour with James Sinclair and Kevin Mullin…… then Covid announced and lockdowns – EVERYTHING CANCELLED

Oct 2020

The Masterclass Sessions LIVE online series launched with James Sinclair as our FIRST LIVE online Industry Expert – a 2 Hour event with the speaker having a 1 hour slot with as much content they could put in to maximise the Golden Nuggets and action points that make The Masterclass Sessions the most affordable and cost effective business development resource to the Business Community Globally

Oct 2020

The Masterclass Sessions LIVE online series announced as the ongoing platform due to the pandemic and Kevin Mullin and Steve McKenna announced as Nov and Dec 2020 Industry Expert Speakers

Jan 2021

The 2021 Industry Experts announced for the following Season of The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online series – Also announced that all members will have access to ALL the Recordings in the new Members Area of the Masterclass Sessions website as long as their membership is active

Jan 2022

The 2022 Industry Experts announced for the following Season of The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online series – Major Announcement – The Masterclass Sessions believe that not only should we work hard but also make sure we take a break – All new and renewing members will receive a 4 Star Trip Advisor Holiday Voucher worth up to £1500 to be used in up to 30 countries 

Jan 2023

The 2023 Industry Experts announced for the following Season of The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online series – Major Announcement – The Masterclass Sessions awarded Best Live Online Business Events for 2022/23 for the 2nd year in a row.

Jan 2024

The 2024 Industry Experts announced for the following Season of The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online series with the most influential lineup so far in The Masterclass Sessions 6 Years of Events 

Develop - Influence - Profit

Attending a business masterclass can provide a variety of benefits to entrepreneurs, including:
1. Exposure to new ideas and perspectives: Business masterclasses are often led by experienced entrepreneurs or industry experts, and they can provide valuable insights and new ideas that can help entrepreneurs to think differently about their business and discover new opportunities.
2. Learning from experts: Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn from experienced business leaders and professionals who have succeeded in a variety of industries. They can share their knowledge, experiences and best practices, which will help entrepreneurs to improve their own business strategies.
3. Networking opportunities: Business masterclasses can provide valuable networking opportunities, where entrepreneurs can connect with other business owners, mentors and potential customers. This can help them to build relationships and gain access to valuable resources.
4. Personal and Professional Development: Entrepreneurs will be exposed to different methodologies, techniques and practices to tackle different challenges and opportunities in business, which can help them to improve their own professional and personal development.
5. Business Specific learning: Depending on the topic of the masterclass, it can be specifically tailored to the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs face in their business and provide them with tools and strategies to overcome them.
6. Access to the latest trends and development: Entrepreneurs will be updated on the latest trends, technology, and development in the business world and how they can take advantage of them.
Overall, attending a business masterclass can provide a wealth of knowledge, resources, and opportunities that can help entrepreneurs to grow their business and succeed in their industry.