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Are you a business owner who dreams of taking your business to new heights? Do you want to increase your profits, attract more customers, and stay ahead of the competition? Look no further! The Masterclass Sessions are here to help you achieve all this and more.
Introducing The Masterclass Sessions – where industry experts share their knowledge and golden nuggets with ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself. We understand that growing your business can be challenging, which is why we've curated an exclusive collection of masterclasses designed specifically for YOU.
Hannah Kok
The Happy Ever After Coach

I am loving The Masterclass Sessions. I learn so much in each session. I have applied many of the tools in my business already.

Larry Leighton

Really enjoyed and engaged with todays Masterclass Session which gave me big insight to correct some wrong doings in my business operation. Very well presented by Ian Broan in a clear and concise way, enabling me to get to grips with the advice given and move the business forward.

Veroshney Ramjas

These are great sessions and helpful to your business. In particular Speaker Anton Oliver – makes you go back to basics and deliver to your clients. These Masterclass Sessions are extremely useful in your business to make a success of it.

Tim Peniston-Bird

I have been attending The Masterclass Sessions for 4 months now and constantly amazed at the quality of the speakers – many not available through other routes. I particularly appreciate the free Golden Tickets included in my membership, which gives me a great way to reward members of my team or spend some time with a client

Michael Melvin
Melvin Creative

The Masterclass Sessions continues to be the best and most important event I attend. Each month I’m privilieged to listen to some of the UK’s – and World’s – best business minds as they share their experience, thoughts, and pratical tips which can have a resoundingly positive and lasting effect on the audience. i know this to be true as I’m one of the many who leave the event full of ideas on how to implement the great advice I’ve just heard. I would Highly recommend coming to a Masterclass Session – network with other business owners, take away great information and unlock your potential

Amirud Din

As a business, time to time we all feel like giving up, but when you see and hear other businesses who carried on and made a success, it makes you feel alive once again.

So thank you Steve Gaston for making us feel motivated again

Lisa Harper

Another fantastic event at The Masterclass Sessions. It was amazing to meet and hear Joe Foster’s stories! His drive and ambition was inspiring!

Tonya Hockman

This was one of the most memerable moments of my like. The instructors were really experts in their fields.

Nicole McQueen

It was an amazing experience. It was a good training. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. The instructors were knowledgeable and experienced, and it was clear that they knew what they were talking about. For everything that was being taught, there was an example.

Roger Yim
R&R Signature Jewel

Another awesome Masterclass Session. Great learning from Chantelle

Tom Berry
Autus Consulting

The Masterclass Sessions is amazing forum for SMEs to learn from nusiness and industry experts on various topics that will help you take your own personal and business development to another level. i would encourage you to join and for only the price of a coffee per week – you wont be disappointed! Look forward to seeing you at the next event.

Michelle Grant

Dear Steve, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for introducing me to The Masterclass Sessions last year. i was really looking forward to attending my first event, and although this was changed to an online event, I have thoroughly enjoyed every session you have presented. Each month the speakers have been inspirational and educational, and i have taken so many notes that i am now putting into practice.

The Membership packages you have introduced are great value and although i have not yet accessed the online recordings, I am safe in the knowledge that if I cannot attend I will still be able to watch the sessions and learn from them.

Thank You Steve for aranging these fantastic sessions each month. I’ve made some great connections that have proved very valueable to my network, so thank you! Looking forward to the next one!

Stephen Lerman

The Masterclass Session with James Berg was first class and I made so many notes throughout the afternoon. The tips and hints James gave during the afternoon on using Social Media were invaluable. I would definately recommend booking on to see JAmes if and when he delivers another session.

Duncan Webster
BNI Executive Director

Great Sessions, Love the speakers, awesom communications prior and post sessions, Well Done guys.

Paula Wingate
Influential Minds

I Love these Masterclass Sessions. You get to discover at least one golden nugget that has a massive impact on your business. The Sessions are well worth it.

Kate Cooper

Always infomative and inspiring sessions

Stephen Lerman

This was my first Masterclass Session and was thoroughly impressed. The content was first class, the guest speaker was engaging and there was the opportunity to ask questions to be answered live on air. These sessions are a ‘MUST DO’ for anybody looking to grow their business. At a cost of only 85p a day, this has never been more affordable

Fiona Colbron-Brown

WOW loved today’s Masterclass Session with James Sinclir. Such a powerhouse giving us an hour packed with amazing insights on how to get customers easier. My personal fovourite, grow a forest to pick your fruits. Looking forward to the next session…

Michael Melvin
Melvin Creative

The Masterclass Sessions are Phenomenal (and i dont use that word lightly). Other words spring to mind are ‘Educational’, ‘ Inspirational’ and ‘Insightful’! Each speaker brings something completely different to these events and you will find nuggets of pure business GOLD in every event you attend. And only from £26 per month – Incredible Value! You can’t afford to miss out – Join The Masterclass Sessions before your competitors do!

Mandi Moore

Awesome events. Great speakers. Fab prices. Amazing Learnings

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But it doesn't stop there! As part of our commitment to sustainability, for every member who joins us, we pledge to plant a tree. By investing in The Masterclass Sessions, not only will you enhance your own success but contribute towards creating a greener future for generations to come.

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25th April 2024 - Rory Kilmartin

Mastering Communication for Business Success, Stronger Relationships and Saving Your Marriage & Family

25th April 2024, Our Industry Expert will show you in this Masterclass Session :

  • What your Relationship ARCHETYPE is?
  • What your Relationship PURPOSE is?
  • What your Communication ISSUE is?
  • And Much More

Rory's life-changing Masterclass is a powerful invitation to finally make sense of the baffling confusion behind the issues you are facing. Rory has been studying relationships, communication and Archetypal Dynamics for 38 years and he will deliver a treasure trove of insights for everyone who attends.

In this session, Rory will focus on five simple yet profound questions. They act like bright lights guiding you through the maze of communication in your relationships. By asking and answering these questions, you will begin to unravel the mysteries of how and why you struggle in your communications with the people you love the most.

Throughout the Masterclass, Rory will share both findings and stories from his research, painting a vivid picture of what truly effective communication looks like. This Masterclass is the exact opposite of a dry lecture; instead you will be actively participating in a process that will tap into the wisdom that has been hiding in plain sight all along.

You can expect to take a huge amount away from this Session; whether you are struggling with conflicts or just want to deepen your connection, Rory's has the answers you are looking for.

If you are ready to turn your business and your life around, your marriage or partnership around and transform your family home, this Masterclass is a MUST ATTEND for you.

Why Rory Kilmartin.

Rory Kilmartin is a Relationship Researcher, Author and founder of the Archetypal Relationships Academy.

Rory has been studying relationships for 38 years and has dedicated the last 18 years solely to his work on Archetypal Relationships.

In his 30’s Rory identified the four inherent behavioral archetypes within every individual, and how people dominantly lean into one unbalanced archetype when stressed. This unbalance, he found, often leads to tension as individuals, bound by their own archetypal nature, they find it challenging to understand others operating from a different world view.

Rory's groundbreaking work illuminates these archetypes in individuals, offering unparalleled insights into their own behaviour and that of those around them. He has assisted countless individuals - from struggling couples to parent-child relationships - in fostering understanding, harmony, and sustainable happiness by addressing the root of their miscommunications.

Touted as the "missing piece" in psychology and human behaviour, Rory Kilmartin's discoveries are both revelatory and seemingly self-evident - yet, until now, they remained an hidden from view.

Over the last decade, Rory has shared the stage with some of the most prominent thought leaders within the field of developmental psychology and personal growth. He also leads engaging Live Workshops and life-changing Online Programs where he shares his findings with individuals and couples al over the world.

Rory’s work is highly regarded due to the astonishing results he creates and the lives, business, marriages and family homes of his participants.


We are really excited that The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online Series is available for all Businesses Worldwide and for our Members and Guests.

✨ Unleash Your Full Potential ✨

As if the incredible benefits mentioned above weren't enough reason to join us at The Masterclass Sessions, let us sweeten the deal even further. Our esteemed members gain access to exclusive offers and discounts tailored just for them!
Imagine receiving special promotions on essential tools and services needed for running your business smoothly. From marketing software solutions to productivity apps - these carefully selected offers will save both time AND money so that you can focus on what truly matters: scaling your empire!
Don't miss out on this opportunity; take charge of your destiny by joining forces with The Masterclass Sessions today. Unlock the secrets to business growth, enjoy amazing perks, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs who are just as determined to succeed.
About The Masterclass Sessions

The Masterclass Sessions initially were full day conference style events in Glasgow Scotland with the agenda of adding other cities in 2020. 2020 the pandemic made our founder - Steve Gaston - think of how The Masterclass Sessions could still help business owners get access to experts in their fields and learn from the experience, success and failures.

The LIVE Online Series started in October 2020 with a 2 hour session which included a Keynote Speaker, Breakout Rooms, Question and Answers sessions and Networking Opportunities.
Now into 2023 we have won for the last 2 years the Business Events Organiser of the Year and have already have members in over 23 countries Globally. And from February to December there will be one LIVE Online Masterclass Session
The Masterclass Sessions Full Day Conferences will be coming back hopefully very soon


2. What We Do?

Our exclusive workshops can help you grow your business quickly and affordably and why most people spend thousands to discover these secrets yet for less than a coffee per day 

you can learn how to:

Use Sales and Marketing strategies to drive growth
Get your team to share your passion & free you to focus on the business
Utilise technologies that can save you time and money

Benefit from other successful business owners golden nuggets who have grown their business and made more money

You can access the LIVE Events and the recordings as a Member from only £26.00 or for just one LIVE Event with a Pay As You Go Ticket at £50

3. Our Goals?

The Masterclass Sessions makes it possible for everyone to attend and share in the first-rate knowledge on offer, with a pricing structure that is much more affordable and a wealth of added value resources on offer.

Prioritising the needs of small business owners
and individuals who can benefit hugely from the
knowledge on offer but might not usually have the
means to undertake such influential training.

Our company’s social and community-led ethos, Our Corporate Responsibility Program and also helping ensure all members have access to extra Member Benefits as a part of their memberhip 

Masterclass Sessions
11 1

Some Interesting Business Statistics for you that The Masterclass Sessions are trying to help resolve and help Business owners have the success they deserve.

Better Prepared for a future Crisis 75%
Business First 5 Year Failure 60%
pay extra that contribute to positive change 55%
profitable yearly 40%
Do Not Take A Holiday 17%
Pricing Table

You Now Have 5 Options on how you can achieve ongoing success with The Masterclass Sessions

Payment methods – All Debit/Credit Cards – PayPal – BBX – Scotcoin – Silvatree

The Masterclass Sessions LIVE Online Series Membership, The LIVE Online Sessions Recordings & Members Benefit Area & Networking Events


Annual Membership - Paid Monthly
Saving you £££ on PAYG Tickets
Access to future LIVE Online Masterclass Sessions and other benefits and bonuses
Login Access to Members Only Session Recordings
Login Access to Members Only Members Benefits Area
Extra Networking Events with Masterclass Session Members, Sponsors & VIP Guests
4 Star Trip Advisor rated Apartment break worth up to £1500 ($1800) Use in over 30 Countries
For New and Renewing Members - We will plant a tree
FREE advertising in the new upcoming Global BIG Digital Magazine
Annual Membership - Paid Annually
Saving you £££ on PAYG Tickets
Access to future LIVE Online Masterclass Sessions and other benefits and bonuses
Login Access to Members Only Session Recordings
Login Access to Members Only Members Benefits Area
Extra Networking Events with Masterclass Session Members, Sponsors & VIP Guests
4 Star Trip Advisor rated Apartment break worth up to £1500 ($1800) Use in over 30 Countries
For New and Renewing Members - We will plant a tree
FREE advertising in the new upcoming Global BIG Digital Magazine
Masterclass Session Series Courses
Choose Your Course Season
Complete it in your own time
No Time Restrictions
Start/Stop Technology
Choose from 2020, 2021 or 2022 Seasons
Courses Start From only £150
LIVE Online Series ONLY
Saving you ££££ on PAYG Tickets
Access to future LIVE Online Masterclass Sessions and other benefits and bonuses
Login Access to Members Only Members Benefits Area
Extra Networking Events with Masterclass Session Members, Sponsors & VIP Guests

Or you can just BUY a Single Ticket for the Next Session Here for only £50



The Masterclass Sessions are not only about the great content our Industry Experts provide during their LIVE session but also other benefits that all business owners, entrepreneurs and staff members should be receiving annually


Masterclass Sessions Apartment 1 e1676444415150
Have A Break On Us

Claim your Trip Advisor reviewed & rated Apartment break worth up to £1500 ($1800) courtesy of Masterclass Sessions


Masterclass Sessions Plant A Tree 1 e1676444440588
Corporate Responsibily Program

For Every New & Renewing Member – The Masterclass Sessions will plant a tree.


Masterclass Sessions Special Offers 1 e1676444464306
Members Benefits

Exclusive Members Area with Offers, Discounts, Extra Courses, Gifts and More...


networking people square 2 e1676444487463
Breakout Rooms For Networking

Not only do we have a fantastic Industry Expert speaking LIVE, we also have great opportunities during our Breakout Rooms prior and after the speaking part of The Masterclass Sessions Agenda.


our 2023 LIVE Online Series Industry Experts - All Recordings Available to Members
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