Steve Mckenna


Dec 03 2020


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Winning With Words – The Secret Word Pattern Used By the Most Successful People in the World. – 3rd December 2020


The Secret Word Patterns Used By the Most Successful People in the World.

The words we use and how we choose to direct them can be the difference between life and death, including our own.

Do you plan what you say? 

Perhaps in a presentation, a sales pitch, marriage proposal or even when dumping someone you’ll meticulously write and memorise what you want to say.

Do you think about how you deliver it? 

At one time, rhetoric was taught in every school in the land now it’s only on the curriculum of one. That school’s called Eaton, and it’s produced 20 Prime Ministers, dozens and dozens of successful politicians, journalists and actors. Many believe this secret skill in rhetoric is at least partially responsible for the disproportionate success of the schools alumni.

Steve McKenna has been teaching this and other aspects of presentation to business leaders for 25 years.

When combined with vocal executive presence, creative body language and basic psychological techniques, rhetoric can help you convince almost anyone of almost anything.

Learn how to change the minds of others, to convince, persuade, control and excel with words.


The Masterclass Sessions


The Masterclass Sessions
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