Phil Berg

Phil Berg

Phil Berg

Business Growth Specialist, Keynote Speaker, Worldwide Trainer, Goals Expert, Certified Dream Coach


Phil Berg is a much sought after Connector, Speaker, Author and Coach, He is passionate about helping companies and individuals increase their profits by converting more enquiries into closed business and by ensuring they understand how to network effectively.  He is also a certified Dream Coach and that allows him to live his own dream by helping everyone enjoy life even more, whilst living in the chaos and drama of it

Since March 1st 2020, Phil has been responsible for training companies and individuals in India, Poland, USA, Finland, Dubai, Thailand, The Philippines, South Africa and Reunion – all from his dining room table. He already has International keynote speeches booked for the next 12 months and would welcome the opportunity to be invited to speak at your next event or to be considered as your coach

Phil has produced a number of award winning educational CD’s and DVD’s and is a published author.  His first book, ‘Success in business and life’ is exceeding sales targets in many countries to date. His second and third books, ‘one liners of influence, #Bergisms, (volume 1)’  and ‘When, GIVERS GAIN?’ will be completed and published, during the 1st quarter of 2022.  Please download and enjoy his podcast series – ‘chats with dad’, where he partners with his son and shares hundreds of life and business nuggets

Phil is the Assistant National Director for BNI UK & Ireland and has been a valued member of the Founders Circle, the Manuals Committee, the ND Circle and the European Director Training Team. He is also an Asentiv Licensee which allows him to help successful businesses take referral marketing to an even higher level

In his previous life he spent 32 years in the retail industry, enjoying great success from building (and then selling in 2007) his flooring business.  He has been one of the most successful, multi award winning BNI franchise owners in the world and sold his franchises in February 2021, which allows him to retire and live his dream of working with who he wants and when he wants, how he wants

His interests are sports related – he enjoys football, rugby, squash, aikido, golf and going to the gym. He played soccer for Tottenham Hotspur and Queens Park Rangers and represented his county at both swimming and basketball.

Phil is married to Jackie (his true love since they were 15 years old), who oversees the administration side of the businesses. They have 2 wonderful children: Jamie, who is the founder of Picaroons ( a hugely successful Content Creation company based on pirate principles  , 30 years old and Natasha 24 years old, who recently completed a Masters in Applied Theatre and now preparing to take on the world.

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