Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman

Cheryl Chapman

Life Purpose Mentor, Keynote Speaker, International Award-Winning Speaker/Speaker Trainer, Award Winning Author, NLP Master Practitioner,

Human Design Master Professional Consultant, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and a Potty Mouthed Northern Bird!


Cheryl Chapman has mentored thousands of clients across 5 continents both in groups and individually, helping them in turn to become award winning speakers, authors, and business leaders, which is why she is regarded as one of the most productive speaker trainers in the world.

She was trained by Andy Harrington to become a professional public speaker in 2012 and subsequently created him a worldwide on-line coaching program to grow and develop his multimillion business, without him having to be there.

Whilst helping her clients to communicate in a confident and charismatic way, so that they could be seen as the leaders in their business, she found that many of them were fearful of judgement, failure, success and even being seen as imposters…in other words they didn’t feel like they knew enough or in some cases they didn’t feel enough themselves.

As a trained Rapid Transformational, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Human Design Master Professional Consultant, Cheryl realised that the skills of public speaking were not enough and that most of the clients needed more support to stand up, speak out and share their knowledge.

This is when The Find Your WHY Foundation was created, Cheryl’s vision was to create a space where she would guide others to understand why they were in their lives – what they did amazingly and what needed to be changed. And where they could follow The Find Your WHY Formula a tangible way to create a fulfilled & happy life.

Joining with Marion Bevington the co-creator, they also wanted others to know their bigger why, their passion and purpose, in other words the reason for their existence.

If you don’t know your WHY, you might end up living someone else’s


Cheryl is the Author of several award-winning, best-selling books. Initially inspired by Simon Sinek and his “Start with Why” book, Cheryl wrote Find your WHY with Marion Bevington “our claim to fame is Simon may have been inspired by us too, as he published his version of Find your why the year after ours!”

Cheryl was approached by Marie Diamond (The Secret behind the world renown Secret book and movie) to join the Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL) Europe, and subsequently became a director and contributed the number one best selling personal development book 38 Transformational Lessons, which topped the charts across Europe and America within 24 hours of its launch.

In her previous life she spent 29 years in the retail industry, both on the high street and supplying the high street, increasing turnover and profits for all. In 2009 Cheryl decided to take a role working for Ann Summers and was awarded a car for her sales, she says for putting a smile on her customers faces. A value she lives by and that remains as part of The Find your why logo.

Find Your Why

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